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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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sometimes you see the story so you think you understand it and then you. hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought. was a big picture. the moment the syrian capital was rocked by a new terror attack is caught on c.c.t.v. rebels target a key military complex in damascus just a day after twin gloss on the school. syrian violence dominates the u.n. general assembly in new york with more resume changing calls from the west intervention provided by arab states but still no resolution. fiery rage seems the greek capital as protesters and police slug it out in front of parliament and up to
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a million people walking out of work in a resigned unknown to all star. and spain braces for another round of the demo is already has about how much of last month's violence was allegedly instigated by police. there watching our two live from moscow head courses i would say we start over in syria where gun battle reportedly erupted inside the army headquarters in syria's capital of damascus after the complex was rocked by two postal explosions four people have been killed in the suicide attacks carried out by the rebel free syrian army the bombing comes just a day off to another opposition group blew up a military academy in the city artie's policia is in the region and brings us the details. two massive explosions rocked the syrian capital of damascus
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early on wednesday morning they happened to near the command headquarters of the army and the air force they were just minutes apart they also happened not far from one of the main squares of the capital city now they shattered the glass of windows of nearby buildings with some people reporting hearing those explosions several kilometers away in fact some eyewitnesses have gone as far as to say it was the largest explosion in damascus since fighting broke out there several months ago the ambulances rushed to the scene the police have cordoned off the area to prevent traffic and people from getting closer we were also receiving reports that the ministry of defense was on fire and all of the syrian information minister has said that the explosions were caused by two roadside bombs one of which he says may have been planted inside the grounds of the army command headquarters the explosions also occurred not far from the headquarters of syrian state television they are
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calling them terrorists attacks and they come just one day after rebels blew up a school building in damascus which they say was being used for military training so certainly the situation in the syrian capital extremely tense with a string of attacks now coming almost daily. iran's press t.v. channel says its correspondent mayan has been shot dead was reporting on a about today's twin blasts in damascus. has been some time in syria covering the conflict and knew you personally i met. on one of my trips to damascus i was the one who actually reached out to him i wrote to him on twitter saying that we should form a collage of the wrong side of his to reporters that have serious reference to one of the white house official camas that iran the russia china was on the wrong side of history when it comes to syria now he responded in a very humorous manner is a. very well known reporter in damascus he was receiving
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a lot of threats for his reporting both by phone and on his twitter account anyone could see it i relied on his knowledge sometimes on his contacts extensively as did a lot of reporters in the region both iraq. and western reporters on one hand you see people dying in great numbers every day and that instils there's a certain sounds of humility i understand that your whole life is worth nothing and that was the thing about my as well because he was reporting for an iranian station but he was a syrian and he obviously. to a great care about his own country and he was concerned about what was happening there and he wanted to bring what he saw as the truth to the rest of the world because he always tried to go and talk to various factions within the syrian society because it was his country. petter henningsen political analyst for the
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current affairs website luke a column believes of the journalists data was unlikely to be an accident the propaganda war has now taken another turn and i believe that the recent shooting of the press t.v. bureau correspondent was a targeted assassination because he is working for an iranian state broadcaster so the message is only certain amount of media is allowed to perform in syria and not others it's clear now that the the hell that's been unleashed by the u.s. and their allies and the go state has now reached new levels of violence in the heart of syria in the capital of damascus so this is this is the result of eighteen months or two months two years of progressive planning and trying to get into the country and having foreign fighters all over all over the different regions in syria and now the violence is coming to damascus it's very very sad to
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see the country descending into this sort of chaos but this to be expected. the square of the greek parliament and downtown athens last scenes ok us today with protesters and police exchanging molotov cocktails and tear gas grenades greece itself is at a standstill today with a nationwide strike paralyzing industry transport and businesses up to a million people are taking part in protests with around fifty thousand in the streets around calling. the actions against a third round of austerity being debated by the government if passed it would mean deep slackness to pensions and raising the retirement age to sixty seven attorney and professor of constitutional law george packer gallen says it's geraghty has shown itself to be path to disaster. to say the other for their own recipe it's a second rate of recipe that's one reason. then with the system or at least a disease itself because we see that to yourself that bush hating nurses and the
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pressure to decrease it's now actually bigger than what it used to be decide to share it got us here and you have a point if you will have also this engine of the economy so it's a kind of vicious circle we're going to reduce them to a state where making a record a record in the luxury of people will reset up we had at the age of attrition exclusion central focal it's got implosion of the government itself so what are you think that there are in the months to come we are going to have to finish the year political crisis besides they're going to run. well there was a riot in madrid last night with tens of thousands of protesters around in the parliament and provoking a very hard response from spanish law enforcement more than a hundred people were either arrested or injured in scheme which is as police charged at the krauts jacob riis was in the middle of it all and reports on how false sterett he has pushed people's patience. tens of thousands of people were out
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on the streets in numbers but then it turned someone on it was so protesters throwing projectiles at police there's also a constant thought of fireworks being set off in and around the amassed house with them police moved in in force and they pushed back those demonstrators chased down i may think what forcible arrests we see a large number being detained a large number being injured in the proceedings that followed taken away by ambulances now this is being in a racially occupied the parliament and the intention originally will surround the town here in madrid and try and get their message out and see us there see a noble cuts to health care spending in education the salaries of shops watching this huge squad of us the full display on both sides of the chart throughout the course of the weapons times now when it comes to austerity well we hear
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reports as a budget on this issue will be discussed later this week by the correspondents government projecting the budget for next year and we're already hearing that potentially there could be a freeze when it comes to cuts the health cuts to spending on education that could really be seen as a backlash from what we've seen so far previous demonstrations that have been golfing spain amateurish in response. more protests are planned in madrid today with demonstrators declaring they want to quit until their message is heard one of them they to some pedre associate professor at the rate one godless university says he saw police guarding protesters. what happened is that there were constant sort of occasion after the police they began to beat people up in various small groups at seven pm just to get the last scenes of daylight and
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to put fear to do to do a scare of the people so they would involve their nine thirty day began to. beat on people of course there were some demonstrators. so it is despair of the population. there seems some want to turn into a violent state what i can tell you is that disparaged population in the protestors they don't want clashes they don't want to violence they just want to overturn a government that betrayed all the four electoral proposals that they made to the population the pain caused by the global financial heart attack still has the british government groping for the kill the plans for deep wealth and employment cuts have been met with anger amid accusations that politicians are protecting corporations from the austerity blustering yes polybe looks at why britain's top
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bosses are making more than ever. can you get that far without having friends in high places apparently not it's a march that the oil giant has been cozying up to none other than the u.k. business secretary dr vince cable cable's been described as the moral center of the coalition government he's even pegged by some to succeed nick clegg as leader of the liberal democrats but it's all been called into question his links to the company behind me he acted as chief economist for the company in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. in a leftist sent to the business secretary from the c.e.o. of shell back in march of this year the oil executive thanked the right on rable m.p. for being the contact minister for shell during cable's time that shell is faced with a number of lawsuits including and i kiss ation propping up a violent act to ship and a summary execution of nine activists in nigeria but fifteen million dollars later
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that was settled out of court the company's questionable human rights record hasn't affected easy access to u.k. government officials just last month it was revealed that shell round so-called schmooze with owens to senior government minister has disguised this training courses but just how close is too close defense minister liam fox found out last year he had to stand down from his job offer that as best friend businessman adam verity had accompanied him on eighteen different meetings overseas this year culture secretary jeremy hunt was revealed to have just been so friendly with the bosses of news international that he exchanged hundreds of text messages with. a saying that bid to take over the largest broadcasting company in the u.k. hunt wasn't stopped but moved on to become head of the health department many of us have a say it's the u.k. ministers lack of accountability in relation to accusations such as these that
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concerns them the most. after the break we'll bring you all the details of iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad's speech at the u.n. general assembly stay with us for that. in the middle of russia's north from away from civilization in history are one helicopter treat from the nearest village. they still one family have been living here for a long time in tents made of reindeer skins. soviet
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. lodging runs in a signal on minutes they also grew up in the two but left it at the age of six and never returned they now live in the city in apartment building but still wrong and they are regions. cowhouse latino is a dancing teacher. was. still his den says he tells the stories about his motherland. laws in europe to now has a one thousand strong rangy had when the enemy only saw the lichen and moss around
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it is gather the tens and move to another pasha they travel hundreds of kilometers in winter women and children for them. but the two families have less of a chance to come across each other they belong to different worlds even though there's sometimes a similar. mission of free accreditation free transport chargers free. range and free. free. care type free. old free broadcast to mediocre for your media projects and free media gogarty dot com. you're watching our chief thanks for being with us the united nations general
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assembly is in and into its second day in new york one of the day's most anticipated addresses was that r.v. runs president mahmoud ahmadinejad who finished speaking just a few minutes ago artie's a marine a part of my eyes in a new york gauging the speech and those leaders reaction to it good to see you there marina now at medina just a fiery speeches are known to trigger delegations walk out in the u.n. this one live up to the standard. well this time around this was the eighth and final speech that the president if iran delivered to the general assembly and believe it or not the u.s. delegation and the israeli delegation did not even show up for it they boycotted president ahmadinejad's speech and the canadian delegation walked out in the middle of it and the president of iran took to the podium and said that he finds that his country is under threat by world powers seeking to impose their views when he was
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referencing tensions with israel he said that iran is under threat by quote uncivilized zionists threatening to resort to military action against his country he spoke about the economic issues of globally that most people are facing he said poverty is on the rise the gap between the rich and the war is widening but interesting enough his speech took somewhat of an occupy wall street when he was criticizing capitalistic countries on their own lection process he said the u.s. and european countries allow for hundreds of millions of dollars to be spent on elections and the voices of ninety nine percent of the population living in those countries are not heard or reflected now u.s. president barack obama who is currently running for reelection in the midst of a of a campaign blitz right now in the u.s. he took to the podium of the general assembly just a day ago when he said the u.s. will do what it must to prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapons so here you
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still have this major divide between the u.s. and iran but it was quite interesting that the iranian president gave somewhat of a reference to the ninety nine percent and occupy wall street interesting indeed now one of the significant speak to address you today. well there's many more speeches that are scheduled to take place today in the coming days but we are expecting to hear from britain's prime minister david cameron who will be addressing the general assembly it is expected that he will be speaking about syria and continuing the type of aggressive rhetoric that was heard from the u.s. leader and from the leader of france just a day ago both saying that it is time for syrian president bashar al assad to go and for the and for urging the international community to rally against the syrian opposition but of course there are other countries such as brazil russia china that feel that the only way the crisis in syria can be solved is through diplomacy and
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dialogue and the egyptian president mohamed morsi will be addressing the general assembly for the first time it is expected that he will be addressing the anti-american sentiment that began in his country more than two weeks ago and blaze through the arab world of course this anger that was prompted by an anti islamic view that was made in the u.s. and uploaded to youtube so there's a lot more discussion scheduled to take place we will be covering them and updating our viewers as more information is available and we look forward to that marina thanks very much. in new york rise and you can watch all the addresses at the u.n. general assembly for yourself you can find a lot of these on our website at our dot com and the world leaders won't be the only ones addressing those gathered at the u.n. headquarters in new york judy and a son still hiding in the ecuadorian embassy in london this find his status as a political refugee will also make an appearance and why
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a video link we will bring you that exclusively live on wednesday at twenty thirty g.m.t. . you can always find the latest dates as well as comments and the losses online at our dot com has some of what's already lined up before you the waves of leaders of japan and taiwan stage a real live battleship game as tokyo's cause god uses more to come in to repel taipei's away from the disputed islands. let die that's a low road to hell flood texas murder. execution chamber with the third time
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he's received the last minutes to find that out on the web site. the outrage over allegations of torture in georgian prisons has followed the country's president all the way to new york more than one hundred georgia nationals greeted. with had news outside the united nations building the president was there to trust the u.n. general assembly protesters demanded just like us visa resignation in the wake of revelations of in range of views in the country's jails meanwhile in georgia's capital protests bought by the prison abuse claims continued thousands of students packing just such a street scandal broke out just ahead of elections
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a seriously undermined only chance. civilian casualties from the drone strike campaign in pakistan i've been. severely downplayed by the u.s. government and independent report from two of america's top law schools says debts of law exceed officials estimates the impact strikes have had on local communities and the damage to american pakistani relations is also virtually nord by washington according to the findings john i make from the brave new foundation hopes the study opens the door for more accurate information. the government said it's exceedingly rare that civilians have been killed as a result of these drone strikes they even say that they do they put the number in single digits which is absurd based on those different organizations that follow these things there has not been the kind. of critical reporting that should happen on something of such a magnitude another problem is how the government classifies people in this region
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any male above the age of eighteen is considered a militant by the government's own. two faced accusations about who is who is targeted how they are targeted who is a militant what milton actually means to the government. there are too many contradictions for this to be true so. it's definitely worth some. coming up next all the latest from the world of business with katie. the french invasion of russia has started again after two hundred years up at the. sub journey the emperor in a pony and has arrived from overseas to lead the army i have to really take my
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time to prepare myself to get it right. the bloody battle near moscow is going to start over. james brown will reveal the victor the soldiers are back to do it all again. but you know version twenty twelve on r.t. . won't come to the price of fish for swimming bird you can catch both of the premier maritime aviation show of the summer check out a whole family of russian engineering feats of the let ships truly fly or just go with the flow and take in the view of the bay below but hold on there could be turbulence on board the plane it's only jet powered insidious plane that marks a. paired up of the world's most colorful choppered and you've got it to bring to joust in the. technology i'm here on
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a launch we've done the future of cover. hello
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there welcome to business the conflict between china and japan over the disputed islands is really damaging business now as chinese people on our fears and buy japanese goods in a protest for saying or show giant to react by flashing production in china the world's biggest car market and that's off to sales collapse sixty two percent of the top japanese have already hold to production of their off to security fears china is the country's biggest trading partner causing the charges stock market to hit another all time low on the asian markets kicked off the declines of course the global markets or wall street is trading they took their cue from asia. so decrees on stocks are way out saying as i say to those pressures in asia as well as what's going on in europe as well the process images that we've been a following. investors the european stocks it was
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a struggle in the session in the second part of the day they went further into the red these spanish stock markets where the biggest decline is dropping over three percent maybe four percent in the end the violence means that the euro is still managing it all still loitering around those two week lows against the dollar the russian currency finished lower as the basket of cars as you can see just that the actions they closed this tuesday with the losses as it was rising us christo paulson it all price to a seven week low really hasn't the energy stocks in take it out russia's biggest lender has been trading on the london stock exchange says it's bad but got off to a modest loss last week the bank weighs drove a five billion dollars to a secondary public offering in london to moscow the bank's deputy chairman revealed the company is a further two ought to have a. we have. we did an important stage of our international expansion this year
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and about to complete with closing off bank transaction through the wrong in the near east to three years we're not planning to do any international coalitions in the core banking space we need to. integrate what we've purchased make sure the competitive advantages that are so strong domestically for us become a political in the countries where we have just made an entrance ok we're going to keep track of how those most of us are semaj as president is that in the markets thanks for that update katie we'll catch up with you later but up next saw it interview with author f. william and dog what he thinks is washington's ultimate goal in the ongoing crisis in syria. with so many burning issues in the world today it's important that we're all as informed as we can be no one man that's more informed than most is william n.
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bell geo political analyst and author of the book myth lies and oil wars and he joins me right now thanks very much for speaking to us thank you syria is of course the main issue at the moment globally just how close are we to seeing a foreign military intervention in that country well the worst in particular washington has been trying for seventeen now eighteen months almost to blow syria's sky high and spread the chaos to iran because iran is the real target of the whole syrian destabilisation i think we're on the cost of the potentiality for a world war three you have the superpower involvement of the united states as the behind the scenes kind of pop mastery of what's going on from the air to one government and you stumble in turkey or one has been heavily pressured by hillary clinton and discreet department to massively intervene in syria he's been heavily pressured inside his own cabinet.


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